Season 2 is coming soon!

Listeners, we hope you’ve been encouraged and challenged by Season 1 of our show. We began in July of 2020 and produced over 30 episodes of theological content, developing the Gospel as a first century Jew would have understood it.

We’re very excited about Season 2! We’ll be interviewing guests from all walks of life, from pastors and church planters to moms and students. We want you to hear how the Jewish apocalyptic framework of the Gospel has affected their lives, their work, their studies, their family, and their ministry. Our goal is encourage you to take what we’ve talked about in season 1 and actually live it out. We pray that as you hear testimonies and stories of other disciples they would encourage you to live as a bold witness of the Messiah, deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow him down the narrow path that leads to eternal life in the age to come.

Keep an eye on your podcast app, our website, and our YouTube channel for Season 2, launching in early April.

If you’re hungry for more in the meantime, check out the Gospel content we’ve produced on our individual YouTube channels:

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