New year, new season!

Happy New Year from all of us at the Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast!

We wrapped up season 2 of our show in November of 2021. For nearly 11 months, we aired interviews of guests from all walks of life, including pastors, couples, church planters, and students. Our desire was to encourage our listeners with real stories on how the Jewish apocalyptic framework for the Gospel has affected our guests’ lives, work, studies, families, and ministries.

After receiving feedback from many of you, we’ve been blessed to hear that season 2 has done just that. We continue to pray that each interview emboldens even more disciples to proclaim the Gospel and to eagerly wait for the Messiah’s return to restore Israel and reign in Jerusalem.

We’ve also heard your desire for us to return to teaching as we did in season 1. So we’re excited to announce that season 3 will be focused on the foundation for “the Gospel” as Jesus and the apostles understood it, the Tanakh (more commonly known as the Old Testament). Our aim is to work through the books and main themes of the Tanakh to give disciples of Jesus confidence that if all you have is the Tanakh and some of the sayings of Jesus, you would in no way be disadvantaged in preaching the Gospel or discipling someone.

Season 3 will be launching in early Feburary 2022. Keep an eye on your podcast app, our website, and our YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for additional resources from us in the meantime, be sure to check out our individual YouTube channels:

Bill’s YouTube channel
John’s YouTube channel
Josh’s YouTube channel

We’re excited to interact with you again around the Scriptures very soon!


Bill, John, and Josh