S3E2: Reading the Tanakh without Supersessionism

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In this episode we look particularly at the issue of supersessionism, the idea that Israel and the Old Testament has been superseded and replaced by Jesus, the Church, and the New Testament. We dive into R. Kendall Soulen’s classic treatment on supersessionism in “The God of Israel and Christian Theology”, examining the various aspects of punitive, economic, and structural supersessionism and their effect on our reading of the Scriptures. 

Show notes:

  • Introducing R. Kendall Soulen (5:03)
  • The standard canonical narrative (5:45)
  • What is supersessionism or “replacement theology”? (13:30)
  • Soulen’s “punitive supersessionism” (22:46)
  • Soulen’s “economic supersessionism” (26:03)
  • Soulen’s “structural supersessionism” (39:17)
  • Why is this not a responsible way to read the scriptures? (48:10)
  • How do we overcome this standard theological narrative? (53:06)