S3E3: Christian Anti-Judaism and the Tanakh: An Interview with Matthew Thiessen

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In this episode, we interview Dr. Matthew Thiessen, associate professor Religious Studies at McMaster University. We discuss the anti-Jewish bias often brought to the scriptures by traditional Christian readings of the Tanakh, and how this bias radically affects our readings of Jesus and Paul. 

Show notes: 

  • How Dr. Thiessen got into New Testament studies (4:00)
  • How Dr. Thiessen’s work has been aimed at anti-Jewish bias in Christian readings of the New Testament (7:02)
  • A quick survey of anti-Jewish theology (10:04)
  • Anti-Jewish Christian theology from the Holocaust onward (15:30)
  • Anti-Jewish bias and our reading of Jesus (26:16)
  • Anti-Jewish bias and our reading of Paul (38:01)