S3E9: Genesis – Abraham, Faith, and Eternal Life

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In this episode we discuss how Jews in the Second Temple period framed Abraham within the apocalyptic narrative of redemptive history. The covenant with and election of Abraham was commonly understood in light of the eschatological judgment and the resurrection of the dead. Additionally, Abraham’s faith was also celebrated by Jewish writers of the period, but always in context to Israel’s eschatological hope. This helps us better understand the passages in the New Testament about Abraham and faith.

Show notes

  • Abraham and eternal life in Second Temple Literature (3:12)
  • How Abraham is typically understood in modern Christian tradition (4:48)
  • How Abraham is interpreted in light of the larger apocalyptic narrative – 4 Ezra 3; Apoc. Abr. 22:3-5 (5:43)
  • Abraham and the future restoration of Jerusalem – 2 Baruch 4; Hebrews 11 (10:42)
  • Abraham, the age to come, and the coming judgment: the “bright waters” of Jewish eschatology – 2 Baruch 57 (15:17)
  • The apostles’ understanding of Abraham – Romans 4, 15; Acts 7 (16:34)
  • Faith and the binding of Isaac – Genesis 22; Judith 8; 1 Maccabees 2 (24:26)