S3E17: Joshua, Judges, Apocalypticism, and Martyrdom

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In this episode we discuss the books of Joshua and Judges and how they are understood in second-temple apocalyptic literature. Though not often talked about, when they are referenced, they are assimilated into the later apocalyptic tradition. The lack of references is also discussed in light of apocalypticism downplaying synergism and human involvement in ultimate salvation. Similarly, the rise of the martyrdom tradition in second-temple Judaism coincides with the development of apocalyptic hopes. 

Show notes

  • Why are Joshua and Judges placed with the prophets in the Hebrew Bible? (4:23)
  • Joshua and Judges in Jewish apocalyptic literature: 2 Baruch 53-74; 59:1-2; 60:1-2; 1 Enoch 85-90; 89:39-42; Acts 7; 13 (7:03)
  • The elephant in the room: divine sanctioning of warfare and the killing of God’s enemies (14:55)
  • The apocalyptic tradition minimizes synergism and human partnership with God in bringing the redemption: Isaiah 63:1-6; Zechariah 14:2-3; Daniel 2:44-45; Deuteronomy 32:36; Daniel 12:7 (18:51)
  • Martyrdom in the apocalyptic tradition: Daniel 7; 2 Maccabees 6-7 (32:27)
  • Martyrdom, Jesus, and the apostles: Matthew 16; Luke 9; Revelation 7 (36:59)