S3E19: I & II Kings, the Solomonic Ideal, and the Kingdom of God

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In this episode we give a brief overview of 1 and 2 Kings and focus on the unfolding and later projection of David’s dynasty. After the failure of the Davidic monarchy, Solomon is idealized and anticipated by the prophetic tradition, wisdom literature, and second-temple literature as the king who is filled with God’s wisdom and who leads the nation in righteousness and obedience. Rather than redefining or reimagining this expectation, the New Testament reinforces the hope for the restoration of David’s throne in Jerusalem.

Show notes

  • Overview of key events in 1 and 2 Kings (1:43)
  • The height of Solomon’s reign: 1 Kings 4:32-34; 10 (4:07)
  • Solomon’s failure and the anticipation of the idealized king: 1 Kings 11, Deuteronomy 17 (7:31)
  • The idealized king and kingdom in the prophetic and apocalyptic literature: Micah 4:6-8, Testament of Dan 5:12-13, Amos 9:11-14; 2 Baruch 61:1-8; 72:2; 74:2-3 (10:26)
  • The idealized king and kingdom in the wisdom literature: Psalm 72; Psalm 132:10-17; Psalms of Solomon 17:21-26; Isaiah 11:1-6, 32-37 (22:44)