S3E25: Hosea, Joel, and Amos: Idolatry, Injustice, and the Day of the Lord

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In this episode we begin our discussion of the Minor Prophets with the books of Hosea, Joel, and Amos. As with the other written prophets, “the Book of the Twelve” highlights the themes of covenantal maintenance, eschatological distress, and ultimate restoration for Israel. Hosea’s marriage imagery, Joel’s emphasis on the day of the Lord, and Amos’ concern for injustices are all framed within the common covenantal narrative.

Show notes

  • Intro to the Minor Prophets and Israel’s covenant dynamic – Amos 4; Deuteronomy 28; 1 Enoch 89:51-53; 2 Baruch 62 (2:35)
  • Hosea: idolatry and the marriage metaphor – Hosea 3; Ezekiel 20; Jeremiah 30-32; 4Q434; Hosea 6:4-11 (11:21)
  • Joel: the covenantal dynamic in an apocalyptic context – Joel 2:30-3:2 (23:24)
  • Amos: idolatry, hypocrisy, and injustice – Amos 7:10-17; Amos 5:18-20; Amos 9:8-11 (37:37)