Q&A #8 with Bill, John, and Josh

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Bill, John, and Josh tackle your questions in this eighth Q&A episode. Topics include the relationship of apocalypticism to pacifism and fatalism, Messianic Judaism, and the importance of historical studies. Also, don’t miss our rapid fire round (which, as usual, is not so rapid).

Show notes:

  • Can you comment on what “salt and light” and “city on a hill” meant for a first-century Jew? (2:10)
  • How do historical studies fit into the larger trajectory of theological development? (9:12)
  • Why do some scholars believe there were different versions of “Christian Judaism” in the first century? (18:06)
  • Is there time in the age to come? (26:21)
  • To what extent do the grafted-in Gentiles inherit the promises to the Jewish people? (29:32)
  • On the killing of the Caananites: Didn’t God use His covenant people to bring retribution on a non-covenant people that continued in rebellion? (31:47)
  • Should messianic Jews should maintain Torah observance? (34:37)
  • Are there any books, websites or articles that talk about what John said about the Greek, Roman and Jewish narratives of the gospel? (39:15)
  • Is Matthew 24 about 70AD, the end of the age, or something else? (41:25)
  • Can you explain the relationship of apocalypticism to pacifism and fatalism? (44:30)