S3E28: Introduction to the Ketuvim and the Wisdom Literature

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In this episode we begin our discussion of the Ketuvim with the Wisdom tradition in the Tanakh. Along with the prophetic tradition, the wisdom tradition played a key role in the development of Jewish apocalypticism. Today we survey the Psalms, Proverbs, and Job, highlighting how they are incorporated into later apocalyptic themes such as the delineation of the righteous and the wicked at the final judgment, the resurrection of the dead, and messianic hope.

Show notes

  • What is the Wisdom tradition? (2:52)
  • What does Wisdom literature have to do with Jewish apocalyptic? (8:18)
  • The Psalms – Psalm 1; 2; 78; Targum Psalms 18:29; 27:13; Wisdom of Solomon 3, 5 (15:31)
  • Proverbs – Proverbs 1:20-33; Daniel 1:17; Daniel 2:20-22, 31-45; 4 Ezra 4 (28:11)
  • Job – Job 19; Job 42; Job 14:14 (LXX); Job 42:17 (LXX); James 5:11 (42:20)

** We had a little trouble with our recording this week. You may hear some small audio clicks and pops during this episode. Our apologies!