S3E29: The Eschatological Metanarrative of the Psalms: An Interview with David Mitchell, part 1

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In this episode we interview David Mitchell, Biblical scholar and pastoral musician. We explore some of his work on the Psalms from his book The Message of the Psalter: An Eschatological Programme in the Book of Psalms. David discusses the primary theme of his book with us – namely, that the Psalms have been organized in a way that is intended to convey an eschatological narrative. David shares some of the other theories behind the organization of the Psalms, and then shares a few examples to help illustrate how both the content and the redaction of the Psalms were intended to heighten eschatological expectation. 

Show notes:

  • What prompted David’s interest in the Book of Psalms? (4:22)
  • The Psalms were redacted with a particular purpose (16:08)
  • The eschatological meta-narrative behind the organization of the Psalter (25:38)
  • The Psalms as a multi-author work, compiled to reinforce the hope of Israel (35:35)