S3E32: The Book of Daniel and Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology

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In this episode, we discuss the book of Daniel and its influence on later Jewish apocalyptic literature and the New Testament. We highlight particular themes common to the apocalyptic worldview, including the kingdom of God, the son of Man, and the eschatological persecution of the saints. Daniel is best understood and read through the lens of God’s covenantal faithfulness to Israel and its projection forward in an apocalyptic view of history. 

Show notes

  • Introduction to Daniel (3:04)
  • Why is Daniel in the Ketuvim instead of the Nevi’im? (4:07)
  • Dating the book of Daniel – Ezekiel 14:12-14; Ezekiel 14:19-20; Ezekiel 28:1-3 (7:52)
  • Daniel as apocalyptic literature (14:47)
  • Daniel, the covenant, and the apocalyptic view of history (16:14)
  • The aim of history is the apocalyptic kingdom of God – Daniel 9 (17:24)
  • Daniel in second temple apocalyptic literature – Syb. Or. 4:49ff; 4 Ezra 12:10-13, 31-34; 1 Enoch 47:1-3; 1 Enoch 46:3-5; 1 Enoch 90:20 (24:54)
  • Daniel in the New Testament – Matthew 24:15, 30 (33:25)