S3E33: Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles: Priests and Kings at the End of the Age

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In this final episode of the season, we discuss Ezra-Nehemiah, and 1-2 Chronicles and their later interpretation in second-temple apocalyptic literature. Being traditionally understood as the head of the Great Sanhedrin, Ezra in particular is transformed into an apocalyptic prophet proclaiming the urgency of the end of the age. The Chronicles largely summarize earlier content of 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings with an emphasis on messianism, which plays into eschatological expectations in the second-temple period.

Show notes

  • Overview of Ezra-Nehemiah (2:11)
  • The confusion around Ezra in Second Temple Literature – 4 Ezra/2 Esdras (7:33)
  • Ezra as an end-time prophet – Ezra 7:1,6; 4 Ezra 1:1; Ezra 3:10-13; Haggai 2:3; 2 Esdras 4 Ezra 3:28–36; 7:74; 14:3-18 (12:23)
  • The apocalyptic material, propaganda, and discipleship (23:21)
  • Overview of Chronicles (27:37)
  • Messianism in 1 and 2 Chronicles – Psalms of Solomon 17 (31:35)
  • Wrapping up our season on the Tanakh (38:17)