S4E1: Introduction to the Parables of Jesus – The Secrets of the Kingdom

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In our opening episode for season 4 of our show, we introduce the parables of Jesus and discuss his intended audience and their purpose. Rather than a redefinition of Jewish eschatology or Jesus giving new, gnostic revelation, the parables are spoken to the calloused and are meant to evoke a moral response of repentance. Jesus’ parables are communicating the same ideas as Israel’s prophetic tradition, highlighting the need for covenant faithfulness in light of Israel’s assumed apocalyptic eschatology.

Show notes

  • Common confusion around the parables of Jesus (4:26)
  • To whom did Jesus speak the parables? (11:07)
  • Why did Jesus speak in parables? (22:08)
  • Parables in the Tanakh (36:01) 
  • Parables in Jewish apocalyptic literature (40:38)
  • The secrets of the kingdom: Daniel 2:18, 30; Matthew 13:11 (51:15)