Q&A #10 with Bill, John, and Josh

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Bill, John, and Josh tackle your questions in this tenth Q&A episode. Among many topics, we answer your questions about the parable of the mustard seed and leaven, replacement theology, understanding the role and purpose of Israel, and we make some observations about tithing and Greek words in the New Testament. 

Show notes:

  • Could the parable of the mustard seed be about the growth of the word of the gospel? (2:13)
  • Is Jesus introducing replacement theology and de-emphasizing the importance of Jerusalem in John 4? (11:06)
  • Is there some persuasive counterargument we can make for understanding Israel on pragmatic grounds without having to resort to simply asserting “we should understand Israel properly because the Bible says so”? (24:15)
  • Is there biblical support for the millennial kingdom? (34:31)
  • What is your take on the meaning of John 1:17? (44:48)
  • Why is leaven required in the Thanksgiving and Wave Offering? (55:09)
  • Does 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 suggest that the return of Christ can happen at any time? (56:50)
  • How should we relate to those who believe that we should be “bringing heaven to earth”? (59:21)
  • Can you comment on the biblical support for tithing? (1:02:51)
  • Does the Greek word for “forever” convey a worldview of apocalyptic expectation? (1:07:00)