S4E8: The Parable of the Children in the Marketplace

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In this episode, we discuss the parable of the children in the marketplace from Matthew 11 and Luke 7. This short parable follows a complicated discussion about the imprisonment of John the Baptist, but is often read outside of that context and through the lens of realized eschatology. Rather than reimagining the commonly held Jewish apocalyptic eschatology of the time, the parable was simply an indictment concerning the false accusations of the religious leaders that John was demonized and Jesus was a glutton. On the day of judgment, the wisdom of their lives will ultimately be vindicated.

Show notes

  • Who are the children and the playmates in the parable? (4:45) 
  • Wisdom will be justified – Luke 7:35 (8:35)
  • Many modern commentators read it in the opposite way and incorporate realized eschatology (13:00)
  • The Jewish apocalyptic context assumed by the question of John’s disciples: Are you the Messiah? – Matthew 11:3 (21:06)
  • Jesus’ question to the crowds: Who was John? – Matthew 11:7-11; Luke 7:29-30 (24:24)
  • The kingdom suffers violence – Matthew 11:12; Matthew 23:13 (29:13)
  • John as the messianic forerunner – Matthew 11:13-15 (33:52)
  • Summarizing the parable within the context (42:47)