S4E14: The Parable of the Wedding Feast

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In this episode we discuss the parable of the wedding feast from Matthew 22 and Luke 14. In both accounts, apocalyptic themes set the context for the telling of the parable. While typically viewed as a parable about salvation history and 70AD, Jesus’ primary audience is expressly named as “the chief priests and Pharisees” (Matthew 21:45). The parable is simply about responsiveness to Jesus’ and John’s proclamation of the coming judgment, kingdom, and resurrection (cf. Luke 14:14).

Show notes

  • The apocalyptic context of the parable (4:32)
  • This parable is not about salvation history (13:03)
  • The burning of the city in the parable is not allegorical of 70AD (17:36)
  • The wedding garment (21:36)
  • “Many are called, few are chosen”: Jewish-apocalyptic remnant theology – 2 Baruch 44:12-15; 4 Ezra 7:47-48 (25:54)
  • Appropriate attire at the wedding – b. Shabbat 153a (30:12)
  • Modern approaches to the parable (32:28)