Q&A #11 with Bill, John, and Josh

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Bill, John, and Josh tackle your questions in this eleventh Q&A episode. Among many topics, we discuss supersessionism, God’s purposes for the Gentiles in this age and the age to come, and Zionism.

Show notes:

  • What does the parable about the new and old treasures in Matthew 13:52 mean? (2:22)
  • What are some of the primary ways modern Christianity has deviated from the theology of the early church? (6:52)
  • Can you please discuss a few of the primary passages used by the eternal torment view as well as the annihilationist view? (17:39)
  • How do Jews and Gentiles integrate in God’s plans/purposes both now and in the age to come? (24:05)
  • How are we to address West Bank settlements? How are we to address the suffering of the Palestinians? (35:11)
  • Did ancient Jews always have a linear view of history? Were Jews always apocalyptic? (52:03)
  • What do you think about a pre-Adamite race? (54:04)
  • Is there a date on John’s dissertation being published? (55:52)
  • What are the implications of believing and discipleship between the young earth and old earth paradigms? (56:30)