S4E15: The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Servants and the Ten Virgins

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In this episode we discuss the parable of the wise and foolish servants in Matthew 24 and the parable of ten virgins in Matthew 25. The parallels in Mark and Luke indicate that the details communicated in the parables need not be understood allegorically. Rather, Jesus is simply exhorting his disciples to sobriety and urgency in light of common Jewish apocalyptic expectations concerning the day of God and the coming of the Messiah. 

Show notes

  • The apocalyptic context of the parables – Ascension of Isaiah 5:1; Life of the Prophets Isaiah 1; Hebrews 11:37 (4:11)
  • The lamps and the oil are not allegorical (11:03)
  • “The delay” in Jewish thought – 2 Peter 3:4; Psalm 90:4; Ezekiel 12:22; Habakkuk 2:3; 2 Baruch 21:8; Tobit 14:4; 1QpHab 7:1-14 (14:45)
  • Early application of the parable: the Didache – Didache 16:1-8 (27:28)
  • The apostolic witness of “staying awake” – 2 Timothy 4; 1 Peter 1:13 (30:33)