S4E17: The Parable of the Good Samaritan

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In this episode we discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37, emphasizing divine mercy and love of neighbor. The immediate context of the parable highlights many apocalyptic themes which frame its interpretation. This parable was spoken not to subvert Jewish apocalyptic eschatology or define a new kingdom ethic, but like many of Jesus’ other parables, was given to evoke a moral response of repentance in light of the age to come and the day of judgment.

Show notes

  • The apocalyptic context of the parable – Matthew 22:34-40; Mark 12:28-34 (4:24)
  • Is this parable highlighting a concern for ritual purity? Leviticus 21:1-2 (14:55)
  • Divine mercy and loving one’s neighbor is a common emphasis in second-temple Judaism – Leviticus 19:18, 34; Jubilees 36:4-8; Testament of Isaachar 5:1-2; Testament of Dan 5:1-3 (20:37) 
  • Baseless hatred in the Talmud – b. Yoma 9b (27:43)
  • Modern approaches to the parable (30:48)