Q&A #12 with Bill, John, and Josh

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Bill, John, and Josh tackle your questions in this twelfth Q&A episode. Among many topics, we discuss dispensationalism, Galatians and circumcision, interacting with other disciples who hold to supersessionism and preterism, the idea of Jesus as a failed apocalyptic prophet, and how first century Jews understood “Abraham’s bosom”. 

Show notes:

  • How does your eschatology differ from the eschatology expounded upon in the Scofield Reference Bible? (2:27)
  • How do you reconcile Paul’s discussion about circumcision having no value in Galatians with him circumcising Timothy in Acts? (19:03)
  • How should we relate to pastors and other believers who teach supersessionism and preterism? (33:58)
  • Can you help me understand why some New Testament scholars call Jesus a “failed apocalyptic prophet”? (42:30)
  • How would first century Jews understand the concept of “Abraham’s bosom”? (54:01)