S4E22: The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

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In this episode we discuss the parable of the dishonest manager from Luke 16. Within an apocalyptic context, the parable is quite simple and straightforward. The dishonest manager responds wisely in light of his own future judgment, whereas the “sons of this age” (v. 8) respond unwisely with their “unrighteous wealth” (v. 11), spending it on that which does not lead to “eternal dwellings” (v. 9) in the age to come.

Show notes

  • The apocalyptic context of the parable (4:42)
  • Understanding allegory in the parables (8:43)
  • “Shrewd”, “astute”, and “wise” (12:50)
  • The unrighteous steward is actually the hero in the story (15:09)
  • Background to the parable in the Tanakh and Second Temple literature – Sir 5:8; 29:10-11; 2 Baruch 44:9-15; 1 Enoch 63:9-10 (18:26)
  • Modern approaches to the parable (27:36)