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  • E4: The Apocalyptic Context of the Great Commission

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    In this episode, we discuss the Jewish apocalyptic context of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Messianic authority in Jewish literature is tied to divine judgment on the day of the Lord, and Jesus assumes the two-age framework of redemptive history in verse 20. In this light the discipleship of the Gentiles is into (rather than out of) the Jewish apocalyptic hope.

  • E3: Acts 17: The Proclamation of Jewish Eschatological Expectation in a Pagan Setting

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    Acts 17 offers a unique picture into the Gospel that the Apostle to the Gentiles believed and proclaimed throughout the Jewish diaspora. In this episode, we see Paul offering a survey of history in order to explain the coming Day of the Lord as a means of calling Gentiles to repentance and faith. We survey the concept of the Day of the Lord briefly in the Jewish prophets and then follow the idea through later Jewish writings which laid the foundation for the proclamation of the Gospel and the coming day of judgment in the New Testament writings.

  • E2: Looking at the “Gospel” through a first-century Jewish lens

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    As we briefly survey ‘the Gospel’ in the New Testament writings, we find that the phrase imports a body of pre-existing Jewish ideas. We touch on its origins in the prophetic writings and in later Jewish apocalyptic literature to highlight how a Jew in the first century would have heard John the Baptist, Jesus, or one of the Apostles using this Jewish term to refer to their own message.

  • E1: Why “Apocalyptic Gospel”?

    In this first episode of The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast, Bill, John, and Josh introduce themselves, give some background and vision for the topics to be discussed in future episodes, and explain the podcast’s somewhat odd title.

  • The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast Launches on July 1!

    Our first episode will release on July 1! Come back here to listen or search for us on any of your favorite podcast platforms.