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  • S2E5: Interview Reflections #1

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    In this episode we reflect on some of our favorite points from the first four interviews of this season with David Gordon, Dalton Thomas, Dick Brogden, and Richee Parks. Because we did not want to fill the interviews with a lot of our own commentary, we decided to take a full episode to reflect on some of the things that were said. (Also, don’t miss the intro where we make fun of Bill’s taste in movies!)

  • S2E4: Mess is Best: An Interview with Richee Parks

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    In this episode we interview Richee Parks, who works full-time with the Daniel Training Network in Bloomington, MN. Richee is a husband and father of four and has a heart for youth ministry. He discusses discipleship within the family and among today’s youth, exploring some of the challenges faced in leading young people in modern “comfort Christianity” to become faithful witnesses of the gospel.

  • S2E3: Missions and the Return of Jesus: An Interview with Dick Brogden

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    In this episode we interview Dick Brogden, founder of the Live Dead movement that plants churches among unreached people groups. Dick and his wife Jennifer have served as missionaries for 29 years working in Africa and the Middle East. They are deeply driven by the cross and the return of Jesus. Dick shares some personal stories and challenges disciples to live wholeheartedly for the Gospel. Buckle up, listeners… Dick’s words will challenge you!

  • S2E2: Exalting Jesus Among the Unreached at the End of the Age: An Interview with Dalton Thomas

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    In this episode we interview Dalton Thomas, director of Frontier Alliance International (FAI). Having pioneered multiple ministries in the Middle East for the last decade, he shares with us his journey and some of the highs and lows associated with it. Dalton shares our conviction about the centrality of eschatology to the Gospel, and he is deeply motivated by the crucified Jewish Messiah, his return, and his inheritance among the Gentiles.

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  • S2E1: Clarity, Confidence, and Courage: An Interview with Pastor David Gordon

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    In this episode we interview our dear friend David Gordon, pastor of People’s Church in Burlington, North Carolina.  David has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years and shares some of the experiences, challenges, and successes that have accompanied his journey in the Jewish apocalyptic framework for the Gospel.  Pastor David gives us practical insights into gaining clarity, confidence, and courage as we seek to be faithful witnesses to Jesus the Messiah.

  • E33: The Nag Hammadi Library and Jewish Apocalypticism

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    In this special episode, John, Bill, and Josh discuss a pet project of theirs: the Nag Hammadi Library.  As we prepare for season 2 of our podcast, join us for this profound episode as we express the depths of revelation and keep the kingdom from withering within us. 

  • Season 2 is coming soon!

    Listeners, we hope you’ve been encouraged and challenged by Season 1 of our show. We began in July of 2020 and produced over 30 episodes of theological content, developing the Gospel as a first century Jew would have understood it.

    We’re very excited about Season 2! We’ll be interviewing guests from all walks of life, from pastors and church planters to moms and students. We want you to hear how the Jewish apocalyptic framework of the Gospel has affected their lives, their work, their studies, their family, and their ministry. Our goal is encourage you to take what we’ve talked about in season 1 and actually live it out.… Read more

  • E32: Discipleship in Light of the Coming Kingdom

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    In this episode, we discuss practical points on how disciples live out and proclaim the gospel (as a first century Jew would have understood it) in light of the coming Kingdom of God, the resurrection of the dead, and the Day of the Lord.  As we conclude season 1 of our podcast, we wanted to take an entire episode to discuss how the theological content of our first 30 episodes plays out in the life of the messenger, how it affects the proclamation of the message, and how it should impact the community around them.

  • E31: The Book of Revelation and Chiliasm

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    In this episode we address the subject of chiliasm, popularly known as millennialism. Though there are few references in the Scriptures outside of Revelation 20 to “a thousand years”, chiliasm is seen in various Jewish apocalyptic texts. This created fertile ground for chiliasm to take root in the early church after the Revelation given to the apostle John. Though chiliasm has become a point of contention in various theological traditions today, our proclamation of the gospel should remain consistent with the apostles’ emphasis on the cross and the return of Jesus.

  • E30: The Book of Revelation and Jewish Apocalypticism

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    In this episode we give an overview of the major themes and features found in the book of Revelation. The book is frequently associated with bizarre imagery, and is often seen as difficult to understand. Yet, when compared with the imagery and features common to second temple Jewish apocalyptic texts, the language and message of the book of Revelation become simple and clear – eschatological trauma and tribulation before eschatological glory.